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Phone Consultations

Consultations are available by phone for the Bach Flower Essences

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"We can judge our health by our happiness"
            The Original Writings of Edward Bach
What are the Bach Flower Remedies?
The Bach Flower Remedies are a system of natural healing developed by the noted physician, Dr. Edward Bach. Dr. Bach was not only a physician, but also a homeopath, immunologist, bacteriologist, and pathologist, and most importantly, a great observer of human nature. Through his research and work with his patients, he found that the recovery of the person had more to do withtheir emotional makeup and personality, rather than the specific physical symptoms (cold, flu, aches, pains, etc.) that they felt. Today we know that stress in our lives has a profound effect upon the immune system; that when we are feeling happy and at peace with ourselves, the immune system is more fully able to do its job of healing and defending our physical systems. So in effect, the Bach Flower Remedies are a wonderful system of stress management! The system is comprised of 38 individual remedies from non-toxic plants and trees. each remedy addresses a specific mood, emotion, or personality. The remedies are manufactured under strict guidelines for safety and purity (GMP), established by the World Health Organization.
Why should I take them?
The BFR are a simple, safe, and effective way to balance emotions and treat negative personality traits. Think, for instance, of how it feels when you become angry about a situation or with a person and you can't seem to let that anger go. It lingers and can often spill over to family or friends or co-workers who had nothing to do with the original problem. In fact, it can sometimes taint the entire day - or days! In the same way, moods that don't lift but just linger, feelings of fear, or sadness, or irritability, or lack of confidence, can affect the way we interact with the world and those around us. So while the remedies don't treat physical symptoms directly, they do restore harmony to the mind, allowing the body's natural defenses to work more effectively, and allowing you to enjoy your life more fully.
What is a consultation?
A Bach Flower Remedy consultation is a conversation with a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner about how you're feeling - not the physical symptoms, but your moods, your emotions and your personality traits. Do you feel stuck and unable to move past certain feelings or situations? Are you happy? Do you like your job or career? Are your relationships fulfilling? Do you want to change but just don't know how? What positive feelings do you want more of in your life? All of these questions are considered, and a mix or formula of Bach Flower Remedies is suggested.
How do I schedule an appointment?
Appointments with Beth O'Boyle, BFRP, can be scheduled by calling (201) 653-7700 ext.1. Kindly leave your name and number and the day and time that you'd prefer. Consultations are approximately an hour in length.


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