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Autumn/Winter Classes

Join us for an informative and relaxing class!

Buddhist Talks and Guided Meditations
Through meditation we learn to reduce our stress and improve our mindfulness. This in turn makes us more relaxed, flexible, and effective. Our instructor, Karla Hassenstein, is an instructor with the Chakrasambara Buddist Center in New York. 
Date and Time:  On-going Sunday evenings  6:00 - 7:30 PM
Talks and guided meditations are suitable for everyone. The emphasis is on integrating Buddha's teachings into our lives. Beginners are welcome. Classes can be taken individually or as a series. No pre-registration is required.  Anyone can benefit from these techniques, regardless of spiritual background.
  Cost: $12 per class

 Healing Relationships Through Love
Buddha stressed the importance of healing our relationships with partners, family, and friends. In this course we will learn special methods for developing a love that accepts the faults we see in others. This love will allow us to let go of our resentments and disappointments and to draw close in our hearts to those who are closest to us. Such a love will give us authentic confidence and freedom and become the basis for a universal love for the family of all living beings.

November 1 Why Relationships Become Painful
November 8 Love, Acceptance, and Forgiveness

No Fear - Following the Buddhist Way of Life
Our lives are characterized by insecurity, and we make decisions out of fear, preventing us from actualizing potential and experiencing the full meaning of our lives. In this course, the teacher will explain how through taking Buddha's meditations and teachings to heart we can face our fears and transform them into powerful inspiration. By connecting to our own potential for attaining the fearless heart of a Buddha, our life becomes a deeply fulfilling spiritual path.

November 15 Transforming Fear
November 22 Developing Trust through Wisdom
November 29 The Fearlessness of Buddha & the Buddhist Way of Life

To register for a class, call (201) 653-7700 ext.1 or e-mail: Please leave your name, phone number, and preferred method of payment. We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Your registration will be confirmed. Please note that in order to receive the discounted rate, your registration must be paid in advance.

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